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Welcome to the andCamera Blog!

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, welcome to the andCamera Blog!

My name is Keychi (@keychimoto on Instagram).

A bit about ourselves: The andCamera team consists of @_deepsky, @kaitaro.k, and myself.

We have been doing these type photo walks for some time now.

Along with photographers, @_deepsky and @kaitaro.k, we are very familiar with various photo spots around the metropolitan area in Tokyo. We often guide overseas photographers/instagrammers on a regular basis.

Since we take people around Tokyo for photo spots, we thought of organizing a proper tour and offering it as a service for everyone.

Currently, we offer a 90 minute photo walk of Shinjuku. If you are a beginner diving into photography, this might be the best introduction course for you! We believe Shinjuku is one of the best places to get into photography.

The andCamera team is looking to expand into other areas, so please feel free to check our website every so often!

We look forward to see you all soon!


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