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Tired of touristy spots in Tokyo..? 

​let's explore with US!

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Here are the details of Shinjuku photowalk. The photos are taken by us from the location ! Enjoy.

​Please meet us here in front of "Yodobashi Camera West Shinjuku Main Store". Already this meeu up spot is photogenic and beautiful. 

Rainy Day in Shinjuku

1. Let's meet at Shinjuku

2. Explore Omoide -Yokocho

More photos from here 

Rainy day in Shinjuku

Walk around this authentic alleyway - "Omoide Yokocho". This place is full of narrow alleys and old looking small restaurants. ​

Golden-Gai is an area with many small bars clowd together in tiny alleyways, This area is very original and unique. 

Snow day in Shinjuku

4. Explore Golden-gai

More photos from here 

Kabukicho is the biggest "red light district" of Tokyo. This area is filled with neon signs and interesting streets. ​

Shinjuku Kabukicho Gate

3. Explore Kabukicho

More photos from here 

5. Explore other parts of the city

There are so many good spots around Shinjuku, maybe too many. We will visit as many of them as we can ! 

Shinjuku Neon Lights

More photos from here 

More photos from here 

Shinjuku Sunset hours

We will head towards the train station, and the photowalk will be finished at our favorite location ! The total time will be about 1.5hr !

6. Finish up the walk !

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